pertaining to the breaking of the whole into its component parts
thereby resolving cause and effect

Analytica Japan is a management consultancy active in Japanese financial research. It specialises in elucidating:
  1. long term bureaucrat policy objectives,
  2. trends in financial regulation,
  3. trends in financial behaviour and, consequently,
  4. appropriate tactics and strategies to be implemented by foreign company senior management.
If it works in Wichita it will work in Wakamatsu has often proven to be an expensive fallacy. The implicit assumption of the similarity of the Japanese market to the home market has given foreign company senior management much grief. As one interviewee memorably said, " would be easiest for everyone to play by the universalist rules of the game: as a German it would be so much easier to understand rugger, if rugger were to be played by the rules of soccer. Every country has its own rules and one has to face up to that fact....."

Private banking has been the leading example of the Wichita Wakamatsu Fallacy. Foreign players have flown blind on Japanese government tax policy and administrative practices. Acceptable services are strictly limited to asset management via on-shore accounts, estate planning and tax optimisation. There has also been ignorance of Japanese HNWI psychology and the many serious reputational risks involved. Inappropriate tactics and strategies have caused heavy losses in both financial and prestige terms to have been made by several leading foreign houses.